And we PASSED ~ #Pheno #TEAMatic

Our Psych week is research oriented which means we, specifically 3rd yr students, were focused on our research papers. And because of that we weren’t able to enjoy the psych week that much. Our group even missed the sports fest of our department. The 4th yr students organized a program where they presented their research papers. With that we had idea on what we’ll be doing for our presentation the next day. And the last event was the psych night we’re we really enjoyed it, t’was a blast.

We enjoyed the night and for that night for the mean time we forgot those stressful works. Perfect way to end the of Psych Week <3 #ProudPsychMajor #Sikolohista

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bless friends who tell you, “text me when you get home safe”

Incomparable tong sem na to. Every week may deadline at madalas sabay-sabay pa, kaya eyebags ko mas mataba sa’kin eh.Masaya naman kasi kahit busy natututo kami tsaka kahit papano masaya padin basta nandyan tropa.Pangako ko pa naman sa sarili ko na mag-iipon ako tsaka papataba na talaga ako para sa summer, pero anyare eto laging puyat. Wala ng time makipag-chikkahan sa mga tao dito sa bahay, manuod ng t.v. tsaka mamasyal. Pero dapat di nagrereklamo ginusto ko to eh. Imbis magreklamo itulog na lang kesa matulala. Hayyyyy life, ready na po ata ako sa busy life pag nag-trabaho.Ice cream na lang tsaka chocolate lagi para masaya.

Gandang Gabi,  my post-Valentine Date hihihi #personality assessment

Gandang Gabi,  my post-Valentine Date hihihi #personality assessment

Psych week is approaching, feel free to avail :)

Psych week is approaching, feel free to avail :)

Kakamiss mga ganitong pangyayari&lt;//3

Kakamiss mga ganitong pangyayari<//3

Those not so little voices who wants to shout and voice out what they feel. Them may not be new for others but for them it’s a shock, though they must be well versed with these things it’s just that it may be over in some times. They will be needing these but can’t it done step-by-step and little by little. It’s not complaining, they just need some time for breathing it all out and absorbing that this is life, a busy world awaits them.

Through prayers to Him, acting together as one, let’s go!